Introducing DECK, a 52 song album!

Sept. 27, 2022

Greetings! We are setting out to create a 52 song album entitled DECK with one song for every card in a deck of playing cards. The DECK Patreon, launched today, is how we're going to fund this huge project; the better it does, the more funds we have to make DECK over the next year and a half. It's going to be lots of fun; in fact it already is. Check out the debut episode of the Camper Can Calethoven podcast and the first Hills Cover Song Session available immediately to all subscribers!

Here's how DECK is going to work: 52 songs, one for each card. 4 thirteen song albums, one for each suit. Diamonds: a proper studio follow up to I’m You. Clubs: lo-fi faster, punkier, dirtier songs. Hearts: a sparser, mostly acoustic, yet carefully orchestrated, album full of weepers. Spades: a free-form, experimental record.

The final product will come with an original deck of card with artwork for each song. You’ll be able to pull 13 random cards, put their corresponding songs in the order you pulled the cards, and voila, you have your own unique version of the record that might function like an audio-tarot-card-reading, if you’re into that. (Did you know there are more different combinations of an ordered deck than there are atoms on Earth? Wow!)

The truth is: I’ve had this idea for about twenty years now. But I never had the guts to try and actually try to make it until now. Maybe I didn’t have the life experience to be able to effectively create something like DECK twenty years ago. That’s almost certainly true. During each ensuing year, I’ve nervously watched music news headlines to see if someone else would stumble upon the idea and get there first. No one ever did.

So sidle up to the table and get dealt in, it's time to make rock records unreasonably ambitious again. Ready?