Album III Reprise Revisited

Nov. 4, 2010

I turn a lot in my sleep.  This morning it was suggested to me that I ceaselessly shift like a rotisserie chicken during slumber.  I replied that I wanted my dreams to be properly cooked before consuming.

It is in that spirit that we bring up the subject of Album III before it is even recorded, titled, or fully written.  Our wonderful times with Misra Records are on pause and we're trying an experiment.  Can our studio costs for Album III be covered by fans pre-ordering a record they'd purchase upon release anyway?  Check out the experiment right here.

Our drummer quit on stage the other night. We'll file this one in the department of regrettable fuck-ups.  Video explanation here.

What else? Don't try to be cool.  Don't hate for fun.  Just keep looking for ideas, put them out in the world, and try to be a decent tipper.