I’m You is All Yours

Nov. 25, 2019

Available on all digital platforms, including: Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon. CDs available via Bandcamp. No vinyl release planned yet.

The incredible warm welcome the record has received below. THANK YOU for listening and speading the word. We have no label, no PR team. Word of mouth is how this record will find everyone it needs to find.


  • “ALBUM OF THE YEAR” - Glorious Noise
  • “IT’S BRILLIANT.” - The Typescript
  • “9/10. Glorious. It all boils down to human connection, a hand calmly extended through the speaker.” - The Line of Best Fit
  • “The band’s magnum opus” - Chunky Glasses
  • “A Ginsberg-esque telling of present day America backed by a band with a similar chaotic synchronicity as the band from Ziggy Stardust” - WBUR


  • “INSANELY GOOD” - @kr1277
  • “My day was made much better by listening to the excellent new Halleluiah The Hills record ‘I’m You’ several times. I recommend it highly. Nice work Hills and co…” - @steadycraig
  • “I’m You is so good I’m speechless” - @msakraid
  • “It’s a masterpiece and much more” - @tecumsehvalley
  • “I’m You IS the album of the year” - @tybini
  • “It’s SO good” - @beaucolburn
  • “I’ve listened to it four times front to back and I gotta say this new HTH record is moving me more than anything I’ve heard in the past year. Exuberant, soulful, not afraid to get grim — I love it.” - @joshshabtai
  • “Hallelujah the Hills might be the best band of the decade yet I never even heard of them until Lydia Loveless tweeted about them. Go listen to It’s You on Spotify. I have 6 albums to catch up on. I’m busy.“ - @dirtygertty
  • “This is deadass one of the best records I’ve ever heard.” - @mechewstaa
  • “I’m You is sounding like their masterpiece! And it’s only sounding better with every listen.” - @onetenthhero
  • “A late contender for album of the year.” - @eriktmpls

We hope to tour I’m You in the coming months.