Summer/Fall Almanac

Aug. 16, 2010

If you didn't get to see one of the Titus Andronicus shows featuring the Jah Hills Mini Orchestra you missed something special. We'll have some audio proof available for you eventually but for now we hope you enjoy some photos from the tour.

We'd be fools not to squeeze some short bouts of touring into our favorite season. Two long weekends in September and October culminating with a night-before-Halloween party/show in Boston. We'll also solve several mail fraud cases & teach a curmudgeonly teen how to rekindle her school spirit.

Ryan is asking for bands and musicians to send him recordings of songs without any vocals for an experiment in songwriting/overdubs. He'll make up a melody, lyrics, and record vocals on top of the track. Submitters need to either own the copyright or have not copyrighted the song at all. A free downloadable album is the planned endgame. Email MP3s to

And finally, Hallelujah The Hills original artwork and more is now available for sale on Etsy.