Too Much News For One Title

Sept. 4, 2011

Good evening! Can you feel it? It's time to put a new news update up on the Hallelujah The Hills website. Do you want it concise and link-laden? Or do you want it rambling and metaphorical? Look, I know how to do both so I want you to feel comfortable regardless of your preference. The sessions for the 3rd album have definitely concluded. The artwork has been drafted. The title is decided. But guess what? You gotta mix and master the actual songs which we have yet to do. We're working on it. For this album we started on tape and we're ending digitally and there's some technical alchemy involved that you can't just jump into all willy-nilly. Some more patience never killed anyone. We had a hurricane, we had an earthquake. Summer is awful.

Want to hear acoustic versions of two new songs, a vague back story for Introductory Saints, and see the band performing in front of a wall of wine? All these things happened at our Sleepover Shows session. A little later on Ryan was asked to be a guest lecturer on the web-comic Surviving The World. Head lecturer Dante found the spiel acceptable so we promise another installment of the chalk variety of around album release time. Hey, if you haven't discovered it yet we'd like to encourage you to check out the live-interview-show/podcast that Ryan and author Steve Almond host entitled This Has Been A Disaster - Thanks For Having Us. I bet you wouldn't believe that more stuff happened. Well, it did. Before Hallelujah The Hills there was a band called The Stairs and their entire discography was newly digitized and re-released online. Lastly, if you enjoy extremely-specific-niche-awards you need to look at this, as well.

But, now, let us bury the lead and talk about the most exciting news. We're playing shows in Boston and New York this fall and we'd love to see you there. Details over on the Shows page. Please join us.

Now it's time for bed. I gotta help a friend move tomorrow.