It's Just Peacock Feathers

May 16, 2012

Even though I recently bought this brand new shovel and I am dying to try it, I just can't bury the lead here. In a matter of days the third Hallelujah The Hills album will be out. No One Knows What Happens Next. Yes! We are shaking with anticipation to fully set it loose in the world. On May 22nd it will be available in record stores, Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and whole slew of places I can't take the time to type here. I hope you find it, or it finds you, and that you and these songs have some kind of friendship that lasts a long time.

Did you hear the first song we released? How about the 2nd? Did you see the video for Get Me In A Room? These are like the first, small pieces of the spelunking gear you'll need to wear in order to sink down into the depths of NOKWHN.

We'll be on tour in June and July. Watch this site for details. Watch for more posters like this, too:

Other things! 'The Czar Of Whatever It Takes' hats are in! The 'HtH Casually Smiling & Eating With Chopsticks' website is complete. Our complete discography is a steal on Etsy. We provided the plugs theme for an episode of the 'Comedy Bang Bang' podcast. The latest episode of the 'This Has Been A Disaster' podcast is a mini-dispatch from the most recent tour: members of HtH sit around in a venue/crime scene wondering if their show is canceled.

That's it for now. Thank you!