Woody Guthrie Predicted Punk

Feb. 25, 2016

The 5th Hallelujah The Hills album is titled A Band Is Something To Figure Out and will be released April 12, 2016. You can hear the first single from the album right now by proceeding to WoodyGuthriePredictedPunk.com.

UPDATE 3/31/16: FBI MANDATED DECLARATION. Last month we forged a declassified FBI document in the spirit of fun to give our new song an extra sense of historical context. We wrote the lyrics about Woody Guthrie dreaming about a punk band first, sometime last year, and then we decided it would be fun to create a document and story that made it seem like he actually had done so a few months ago. When we launched this song and the WoodyGuthriePredictedPunk.com website, we were surprised to see many people sharing the news on social media as if it was real. We thought nothing of it until last week we were visited by two Boston office FBI agents who were curious why we had declassified documents that they had no knowledge of. It wasn't a matter of censoring the news that Woody predicted punk, you see, but more of an issue of access. We immediately came clean and confessed that we had fabricated the document and the story, never believing anyone would take it all that seriously. We are being allowed to keep this website up and running only upon posting this corrective note. We apologize for wasting the Federal Bureau of Investigation's time and apologize to anyone we fooled with our promotional effort.