The song sings the singer back home

June 30, 2007

We only have a few days left on our tour, and for our first time out, it's been going exceedingly well. The crowds haven't been gigantic, but they have been exuberant, with a healthy dose of old friends that were kind enough to put us up for a night. We've played with some great bands like Ford & Fitzroy, our labelmates Southeast Engine, Southerly, White, Wrench, Conservatory, Titus Andronicus, and Machine Go Boom. The folks at The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, and The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis were very kind to us. We even had the honor of having Thax Douglas read a poem before our set at The Note in Chicago. In short, there has been no lack of awesome things to make this tour a success. We'll have more to say after we've slept in our own beds, along with a bunch of photos.