I Am Writing This Under Duress, All Of My Lies Will Be Presented As Truths

Feb. 18, 2008

Dear Country, we are touring inside of you for most of March. Please let us seamlessly graft ourselves to your innards in each city. Thank you country.

The Unifying Monsters Tour will shake your feet directly down into the silt forever and always. We mean that in the best possible way. SXSW, Daytrotter, shows with Evangelicals, and a plethora of other highlights: Come see it!

Thanks to everyone who watched us perform Collective Psychosis Begone in its entirety last month at The Middle East Upstairs. It was one of our favorite nights of playing music (like, ever). It's been summed up quite nicely here and here (scroll down); for maximum effect, read those slowly or repeatedly while listening to the recording of the set.