Here we are where we thought we began

July 10, 2008

2nd album recording commences this weekend. You know the old story: we'll slave over expertly recording the new songs on rich, analog tape only to wait to hear it quickly dismissed 6 months later by kids in America who listen to half a song on their iPhone.

Don't get upset at me, I know there's a lot of you who want to hear it. It's just so hot that it's terribly easy to drift into pessimistic humor. Pull me back! We're very lucky. I've never recorded an album knowing it will come out on a great label (Misra Records) and so I don't have to worry about what will happen to it once we're finished. We'll craft it, they'll catapult it, and we hope you'll listen.

The songs are related, the album is about something...just not sure exactly what yet. I might leave the deciphering job up to Patrick Stickles.

Happy Summer friends. Buy popsicles, not gas.