Destroy This Poem

Oct. 21, 2014

Hi, it's HTH, all of us typing this together. Each of us covering 6 - 12 keys on the keyboard, knowing when to depress the button instinctively, writing this letter to you smoothly without hesitation. Do you feel that?

We'll end our "No More New York Shows" protest and play CMJ on October 25th at Bowery Electric. It'll be our first NY show in about two years and it's being curated/hosted by Ryan's Smashing Life blog and Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows fame. That's free and you should RSVP now!

Juvenile Oratorios Cover

The vinyl release got pushed back til around November 20th, but pre-orders now get immediate download of the bonus EP Juvenile Oratorios! Here's a track from that EP we accidentally spilled all over a music blog earlier today. But anyways, the release is 180 gram vinly, only 500 being pressed, you won't wanna miss owning this musical platter.

HYEDSE Vinyl Preview

This is especially true in light of the fact that we have been charged with the crime of being the best in three separate ways. You can vote for us (and Joe's band Creaturos, and Marissa Nadler too) over at the BMA site, but only if you'd enjoy doing so. As you know, we have a strict "art is not a contest" policy here and cannot directly implore fans to do anything but bliss out to our sweet, sweet, sweet jams.

James Adomian

Some other things you may have missed: collected podcast appearances & radio interviews can be found here, the "Try This Instead" video starring James Adomian (Comedy Bang Bang, Childrens Hospital, Last Comic Standing), 3 live videos from our Redstar Union "Behind The Album" event are over on our YouTube channel, and the complete story of staying the night at Boston's ONLY rock and roll hotel was chronicled by RW here.

Thank you for visiting our website, friends. We will be delivering news about the band Hallelujah The Hills until our superiors give us the signal and we roll this thing over into a straight-up conspiracy theory meet-up hot spot.