You can't bring it in, and it can't go out

Aug. 26, 2007

We're approaching Fall which is the season that Hallelujah The Hills thrives best within. You can expect far less sloth-like behavior from us as soon as those leaves start dying. Hell, we may even get a new song online for you all. Here's what's happening now though: the Boston Globe has an article about the band. Crawdaddy Magazine put out one too. And SoundCheck reviewed the album.

We're definitely touring in October. A small one but I think we'll make it down to Georgia finally. At the end of the tour we'll play the Misra/Absolutely Kosher CMJ Showcase in NYC. Details forthcoming. Hope to see you soon.

Finally, we have a belated Christmas-In-July gift for you. At the end of our tour in June, we stopped by UMass Amherst to record a few songs for WMUA. Those folks were kind enough to send the session our way, so now everyone can listen to stripped-down renditions of two of our songs.