Every Number Has A Potency

July 7, 2009

Friends, Enemies, Barristers, & Solicitors:

The 2nd full length album from Hallelujah The Hills is hitting the street on September 22nd courtesy of all the hard working mavens at Misra Records. It's called Colonial Drones and in the time building up to its release we'll be telling you more about these specialized drones with some informational podcasts, music videos, and a few door to door knock-and-talks. The album is available for a pre-order super low price from Misra.

You can expect a fall national tour, you can expect us to dispense more information about future projects in a cryptic yet charming way, but you can't expect everything to remain the same. Or as a certain Irishmen once wrote, “Here in Moicane we flop on the seamy side, but up n'ent, prospector, you sprout all your worth and you woof your wings, so if you want to be Phoenixed, come and be parked.”