No time for prose, let's list this shit!

Jan. 26, 2014

  1. Thank YOU for making the album we are about to make possible via your super-generosity during our Fall Kickstarter.
  2. We are about to go into the studio shortly, and you'll be hearing the finished album in May 2014. It's wholly unlike the other three but still sounds like us. Make sense? Hear a demo song over at BDCwire.
  3. Look for California and Northeast US tours this Spring. Contact us if you'd like to play with us or set up a show!
  4. A record for the longest song incubation period ever was recently set when the lost HtH song Highschoolvania was released. Written in 2002, recorded in 2006, released in 2014.
  5. We made some great videos this past summer. Also, don't miss this amusing history of the band that was assembled for the Kickstarter campaign.
  6. Ryan wrote a piece about The Spammer of Spotify and some guesses what the next music industry clusterfuck might be (and check out the follow-up conversation). He also, like last year, compiled his list of output for your enjoyment.