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April 6, 2015

Hey friends. We have lots going on!

  • We debuted a brand new video on Stereogum featuring a new social-media-technology that goes disasterously wrong when the band tries to harness it for selfish purposes.
  • We leaked a demo of a new song that may or may not be part of a bunch of new songs that we are working for a new album.
  • With the limited pressing of the ‘Evil’ vinyl starting to dwindle, we’ve made the Juvenile Oratorios bonus EP live as a download on the Bandcamp page.
  • Ryan released “Astral Sojourn” — an article that drills down into the secret-Boston-origin of Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” in the latest issue of Boston Magazine.
  • Nicholas released his first EP under the name The Furniture. It’s great! Take a listen.
  • Five years ago Titus Andronicus released “The Monitor.” Did you know that HTH recorded trumpet, string-parts, piano and vocals all over that wonderful record? Some recollections of the recording process can be found over on Ryan’s Tumblr.

Oh, and as always, check to see if we’re coming to your town any time soon!