It Still Floors Me

Oct. 31, 2019

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John Payne recording flute

This is the third single from the forthcoming I’m You. It’s a sad, aching six minutes of longing, negotiating and an insistence that time travel is real. I got to know John Payne as a book subject first, recounting the story of his happenstance involvement with one of the greatest records ever made. But after the book was published and we did some press together, it occurred to me how unlikely it was that John’s playing didn’t appear on more records over the years, Boston or otherwise. The students at John’s school are lucky to have him as a teacher, and we were lucky to have him come down to Pawtucket, RI and play flute and soprano sax on our song here (btw, that’s the actual, literal same soprano sax that was played on “Slim Slow Slider”!). As John is forever a believer in the power of improvisation, he purposely only listened to the song once before his recording session. Even after months of recording, mixing and mastering this song, his playing here makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You guessed it, it still floors me.

HTH with John Payne