A Band Is Something To Figure Out

April 12, 2016

Album promo image

Our fifth album is available, starting today, on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a bunch of other strange platforms I'm not sure anyone listens to. CD copies of the album ship immediately and can be ordered on Bandcamp. The limited edition Re-Vinyl Records vinyl pressing is in the works, and will ship as soon as its available. If you want to support the band further, leave us a review on iTunes and Amazon, ask a free-form radio station to play us, or tell one of the arms of the music-coverage-industrial-complex to cast their unwavering gaze over HTH's way sometime this year.

Tonight, that is if you're reading this on April 12, 2016, you can listen to us perform the entire album album LIVE on the radio at 9PM EST. Tune into 88.1 FM WMBR in Boston or worldwide on wmbr.org. We'll play album release shows next month in Boston (5/12) and New York (5/14), then look for some tour dates this summer. And if you like a nice band t-shirt, we have two new shirts that tie-in to the new album, but they're only on sale for the next 24 hours.

Here's an excerpt from one early review that we like: “Massachusetts indie rock institution Hallelujah The Hills' [fifth record] is called A Band Is Something To Figure Out, but it could just as easily be called This Is What It Sounds Like When A Rock Band Has It All Figured Out…Rock frameworks that reliably stretch to accommodate subversive, irreverent impulses…The band's best outing to date.” —Clicky Clicky Music

We hope you feel similarly!