A Band Is Something To Figure Out

April 12, 2016

Cover art

Available on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play
Released by Discrete Pageantry Records

180-gram vinyl from Re-Vinyl Records available on Bandcamp.


  1. What Do The People Want
  2. We Have The Perimeter Surrounded
  3. The Mountain That Wanted More
  4. The Girl With Electronics Inside
  5. Spin Them Atoms
  6. I'm In The Phone Book, I'm On The Planet, I'm Dying Slowly
  7. Play It As It Loops
  8. Hassle Magnet
  9. New Phone Who Dis
  10. The Dangers Are Doubled
  11. Realistic Birthday Music




Recorded November 2015 at 1809 Studios, Macedon, NY

Produced by HTH and Dave Drago
Engineered and mixed by Dave Drago
Studio Assistant: Jacob Walsh

Mastered by Jake Rodenhouse

Ryan Connelly – Drums
Joseph Marrett – Guitar
Brian Rutledge – Synthesizer
Ryan H. Walsh – Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Giadone Ward – Bass, Piano

Oh, YOU KNOW everyone sang, including Dave Drago + Jacob Walsh

© 2016 Reverse The Tape Decks ASCAP