The Memory Tree

from I’m You


This all happens outside the space continuum
You’re alive in Phoenix wondering what we did to ‘em
You hear what happened to me?
I was pronounced lost at sea
But in truth I’m just hiding out won’t u come look for me?

I was a sleeper agent before you woke me up
Playing classic tapes for some gurus we rounded up
But when I got in the room
I wasn’t sure what to do
The domestic zones I was used to
Didn’t prep me for you

Can you make a memory?
Without choppin’ down the memory tree?

And it’s a transaction, sure
But don’t it sometimes feel like it’s something more?

I found a timeshare in the unified field
I lived there with you until forever got peeled
The neighborhood filled with ghosts
Was more spooky than most
With The undead department of dreams and our immaculate hosts

I’m finally a poet but you know that don’t matter now
Here comes a siren to review them wedding vows
I may appear rapt with fear
But Don’t you dare disappear
When the going gets tougher than nails you know I’ll always be there