Slow Motion Records Broken At Break Neck Speeds

from Collective Psychosis Begone


Written by Ryan Walsh, © 2007 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP)


here's the crux of the cameraman
buried deep in his master plan
here's a format becoming defunct
a bunch of tapes on a ship that sunk
electric outlet in a public place
so new rappers get to show their face
if you're human and you're feeling displaced
we've got news for you it's the kind
that makes you shake in your boots
and crumble down to the floor

Tommy Beta with his life on pause
his college thesis stored in his parents garage
are you into the olive branch? (are you, Tommy?)
or shooting arrows in an American trance
list your prescriptions on your resume
and polish bullets saved for our prey
add sinking feelings and we'll call it a day
I wear a mask to sleep and it's old and it's made
of clay and I have no idea why I do that

if you're guilty of some heinous crime
I'll write your defense down in metered rhyme
we'll make believe we got it right this time
I've got news for you and me and him and her and us
and everything's crumbling and rotting away
but I'm content to sit here and watch it all happen
with you