Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up)

from Collective Psychosis Begone


Written by Ryan Walsh, © 2007 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP)


a test train rolls through at three in the morning
there are no passengers or stops
my interest level rises and then it drops

my life laid out in dictionary format
I've got a lot of entries under the M's
and they say that Z is not the end

let's all plug in to the telepathic disco
hard up for hand me downs no more
and the Koinos Kosmos gets us through the door

but the rag in the bottle doesn't understand
that the well has a bottom in the other land
brace yourself for some foreign affairs

you could chalk it up but you haven't got a blackboard
you could shrug it off but your shoulder's broke
you could laugh it off but it isn't a joke

and the funeral reminded me to call you
and leave the coordinates for the Bayou
I'm a sleeper agent just waking up

I should have worn a disguise
you should've looked more surprised
you've got me cornered
in color coordinated lake shore drives
ramparts and car parts in an enemy hive
it's intelligence that doesn't come from the mind
but I've got yours on mine

good morning comrade this is good coffee
let's take a walk and peruse the reports
this will look a lot worse than it'll hurt