Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Trashcan

from Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Trashcan


In the haunted mansion
Where Jefferson Airplane
Use to write their hit songs
I fell in love

The future holds me hostage
The past is slightly less violent
I have issues with the present
Still, I come at it with love

It’s neverending
This rule bending
Beat Up, Blissed Out
Bruises On The Brain
They’re sending in a team
To try and write a new refrain

In a clapboard palace
Famished for something
But aiming to mingle
I build a makeshift throne

It’s like I told you
I’m coming for you
With spat out verses
Another bloody nose
The car might not make it
But I can still get us home

Portrait of the artist
As a young trash can
With a naïve game plan
Comes to me now