Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Trashcan

May 7, 2013

Cover art

A collection of singles, B-sides, and unreleased material from our storied “career”, placed all together in an order that plays out like the double album we never released. For a guided tour of the proceedings, check out Ryan's song-by-song notes.

Available on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play
Released by Discrete Pageantry Records


  1. Honey, Don't It All Seem So Phony
  2. Country Before Kings
  3. Confessions Of An Ex-Ghost
  4. Meet Me In The Car
  5. The Three Minute Mark
  6. Some Of Them We Lost
  7. Nurses 5 Float Past
  8. Don't Take The Law Into Your Own Hands But Take Mine In Yours
  9. Let It Wave
  10. (You Better Hope You) Die Before Me [Live January 2008]
  11. Amateurs
  12. Introductory Saints
  13. Every # Has A Potency
  14. That Ticking Sound You Hear
  15. The Girls Are Here
  16. Wave Backwards To Massachusetts (Big Digits Remix)
  17. Cataloging Candy's Demise
  18. When Night Falls
  19. Monster Eyes
  20. Elementary Zombie
  21. Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Trashcan