The Might Come Back Club

from Colonial Drones


Written by Ryan Walsh, © 2009 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP)


collect your cobwebs
saw off your antlers
between blizzards we are free
the front lawn’s hosting the strangest vine growth
that will in time entangle all we see

devastating news-hype hand delivered
via secret hymns
the might come back club’s
rites of recall are etched out on the bones of these limbs

open your kimono you hassle magnet
let me see what all the kids are killing for
consulting the Fates from far northern states
with escape routes scrawled on their back doors

fanatics follow the freedom of fandom
hitting straw men with plastic swords
rip up the floor boards
find what you’ve come for
you’re a guest they’ll begrudgingly endure

I was in the kitchen with the grieving uncle
and a drinking game that only he played
so in tender spirits he went up on the rooftop
to chant for the flying chariot brigade

To our amazement
out came the horses
who’s commanding? hell if I know
the might come back club’s rules of order
tell us in this case we must row
so start rowing