Let It Wave

from Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Trashcan


Written by Ryan Walsh, © 2007 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP)


when you come again
tryst in the treetop
8 excuses for the mother hen
I tripped in the hall
it was a miracle stall
bought us time and we
filtered out the feelings again

we schemed at the built in bar
townie authority screaming we shouldn't go far
I copied the key
the way I mimic disease
leaving the locksmith hungry,
debating on his hands and his knees

bankrupt birdhouse the crow got the word out
we've seen this all before
and I am slouching a grown man crouching
thirty armed men at the door

the truth and the tooth came out
one in the paper and the other inside of his mouth
he left with a limp and a cut on his lip
hid the morning paper and never told his wife or his kids

now we're on our own
cutting coupons 10 dollars off
a crown and a thrown
discount royalty
high horse novelties
we'll pay full price cuz it's better
than being alone

let it wave
oh let it wave
let it wave
oh let it wave