I Went Through Hell (But Now I'm Back [From Hell])

from I’m You


Ok pop quiz
What I’m trying to ask you is
“how am i like a summer storm?”

You say what’s that mean?
And I squirm and shift my shoes
I say, “I got a soul and I’m gonna use it”

I point to my foot
And say “here’s where my body ends.
Is that a useful thing to say?”

And when you reply no
I can’t think of another place to go
So I say it again but point to my hand

We’re avoiding truth
Like two detectives who refuse to search & sleuth
Afraid what we’ll find behind locked doors

The side effects were worse
Losing you had me running towards the hearse
Askin’ could you drop me off just down the street?

I was first in line
For the Solipsistic Sad Guy Seminar
But inside it just turned out to be another bar

I ordered whiskey neat
Fifty thousand times in the summer heat
And figured this is how I’ll defeat my victories

We couldn’t say goodbye
So we practiced every weekend til we died
And even then it didn’t seem quite right

I couldn’t play them blues
or any genre that could fix ol’ me & you
so I was about to start a song that never ends

But inside the bridge I found a note I left to myself
Saying, “don’t forget to love yourself
And don’t forget to come back from hell
And don’t forget to end the song.”

I went through hell
But now I’m back from hell
Hi, hello how are you?
Hi, hello how are you?
Hi, hello how are you?
Hi, hello how are you?