I Stand Corrected

from Have You Ever Done Something Evil?


You’ve been selected to participate
In a survey about this call
You can press 3 to get on with it
Or smash the phone into the wall
Cuz when times get rough
We can always choose the good ol’ fight or flight
& this informal polling call is just another way to pass the night
We used to live like a Two-Part Tribe
Now we’re struggling to pass by
We used to shout names at the dawn
If you recall this please press one
If you recall this please press one

& if you’re all alone when the shit goes down
You can always press the star key to see if I’m around
But I probably won’t be around
Because the world tends to swallow us whole
& I’d rather risk oblivion
Then wait around to play some phony role
I’m losing track of who hates who
I’m an exception to the rule
I think somebody’s coming around who’s gonna tell us the truth

Is everybody wasting your time?
I stand corrected