Have You Ever Done Something Evil?

May 13, 2014

Cover art

Available on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play
Released by Discrete Pageantry Records

180-gram vinyl from Re-Vinyl Records available on Bandcamp.


  1. We Are What We Say We Are
  2. Try This Instead
  3. Destroy This Poem
  4. Do You Have Romantic Courage?
  5. I Stand Corrected
  6. Home Movies
  7. A Domestic Zone
  8. Pick Up An Old Phone
  9. The Posssible Nows
  10. MCMLIV (Continuity Error)
  11. Phenomenonology
  12. You Got Fooled




Recorded at 1809 Studios, Macedon, NY - 1809studios.com
Produced by Hallelujah the Hills & Dave Drago
Mixed & mastered at Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket, RI by Seth Manchester, Keith Souza, & Ryan Walsh
"You Got Fooled" engineered & mixed at Q Division Studios, Somerville, MA by Matt Beaudoin
Copyright ©2014 Reverse The Tape Decks ASCAP


Ryan Connelly – Drums, Vocals
Joseph Marrett – Bass, Vocals
Brian Rutledge – Trumpet, Moog, Vocals
Ryan Walsh – Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Ward – Bass, Piano, Vocals

Special Guests: Madeline Forster and Dave Drago