Folk Music Is Insane

from I’m You


it started with contraband
the poet blinked twice
she can see
the deepest impossible sea
and we’re walking together
singing the songs of
some SOB stuck in a dream
with a dancer
and a praying monster
don’t you know
there’s a killer on the road?

Slam cut to present day
there’s weirdness in the woods
i’m alone
and I can’t stop looking at my phone
now we’re cheering on assassins
adjusting our glasses
pretending that a verse would set us free
or a bad joke
or a single helix
it’s all the same to a ghost with a guitar

folk music is insane
folk music is insane

we’re back in a different time
who knows where
i’ve been here before
hear those chimes
of the brand names washed out with the tide
and you’re better than ever
your mood like the weather
is overcast with a chance of regret
prepared piano
and tape loops
and the rarest of b-sides have absolutely ruined my life

folk music is insane
folk music is insane
folk music is insane
folk music is insane

it’s something to behold
but it’s out of reach
and you can’t explain
you’ll never get close
folk music is insane

I know it’s not nostalgia
won’t you meet me in the parlor
we can’t escape forever
and there’s something in the water
folk music is insane