Hallelujah The Hills

from Collective Psychosis Begone


Written by Ryan Walsh, © 2007 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP)


trouble comes, the mail arrives
I pick apart a broken watch
I'm on call with astronauts
here's an acrobatic lot
Telemundo is for free
but not something that you could see
everybody falls asleep when oxygen dies

hundred horses, hundred wines
that's a secret, that's a lie
here's a planetoid connection
that they caught and tried to hide
paranoid's a boring game
jealousy is just the same
hit me with the hammer when the light turns green

plaintiff's here, jury's gone
down at the Dairy Mart
absolutely no exception
specially for you
made inventions, broke conventions
raised a glass to new pretensions
meta-meta-meta-and the novel is dead

no more talk of mathmagicians
numbers can't be ever tricked
I propose a superstition
always mumbling, never sick
a way to increase your sales
never question, never fail
I was born in Vermont
she was born in Vermont
and we'll all die in Vermont hallelujah the hills