Destroy This Poem

from Have You Ever Done Something Evil?


Hey alright, we're cherry picking days till we die
we're building shapes unknown to the eye
we're breathing life into the meteor skies
and I can't even sing

hey alright, can you believe we escaped alive?
Here honey, get into this disguise
they're gonna try and tell us doors have closed
but I say fuck that noise

i'm doing ok I guess
I'll walk with a limp but I'll try to hide it
i'll show up to your party with bandages on
covering every part of my head but my eyes
you'll see me
don't worry
you'll see me
don't worry

Hey alright, I figured out how to sleep through the night
I told you no more revenge but I might
We’ll reinstate some classic spells from the zone
Now let’s destroy this poem

Cuz there's a lotta people saying
that I got no skin in the game
but they're wrong